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Welcome to the Hottest Phone Fun Community in Australia! is Australia’s first PHONE  FUN NETWORK and absolutely one of its kind! It’s sp easy now to have access to REAL phone fun with flirty ladies from across Australia. Want to be part of it? – All you need is a phone! After all the hype and fake stuff floating around on those dating websites, the popularity of phone fun is once again surging and more popular than ever!

Sure, there are loads of other forms of erotic entertainment, such as DVD’s or internet tube sites, but NOTHING compares to a LIVE experience with a REAL WOMAN who loves to flirt and chat just as much as you do! It’s something else – it’s something NATURAL!

Maybe you’ve also been taken for a ride by the BEARDED BLOND BOMBSHELL on one of those websites that promise “F**K Tonight!”. Pamela never turned up on the date, only wanted to chat via paid SMS or in the best case, via WEBCAM. And what did you get? A videoclip that was sent to you by MOUSTACHE HARRY filling his pockets with your money…


Our community here at phone fun Australia makes sure that there’s real people, real women and no false promises – WHAT YOU HEAR IS WHAT YOU GET.  All our members love what they do, and as chivalry commands, BOYS pay for the GIRLS.

We believe in some simple rules – Respect, Chivalry and ‘Can’t Pay, Can’t Play”.

In return you’ll be made very happy, time after time, hour after hour, rain or shine, day or night! Try it now!