Download the phone fun app here!

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click on your phone’s app store to download

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We’re excited to introduce our new phone fun APP! It allows you to see which girls are online and ready to chat!

With today’s technology the sky’s the limit when it comes to getting your rocks off! All members may download the free Phone fun APP to see who’s online. NO more QUEUING in frustrating menus. ACCESS GIRLS DIRECTLY, when you want!

We’ve partnered up with the friendly folk at NO-WUCKERS and integrated into their callcentre APP. Simply visit the Google Play Store if you are an Android user, or iTunes if you have an Apple iPhone. Download the free phone fun APP to your mobile, open, and visit the “Entertainment” category in the menu at the left of the App. Here you’ll find a selection of 1902babes ready and waiting to please you!

The phone fun APP allows you to see who is online in real time. Once you have selected a girl of your choice, simply click on her pic and you’ll be connected to her, DIRECTLY! We believe that’s the way phone flirt and fun should be these days. No long menus or boring intros to listen to – straight down to business and that’s how we like it. ENJOY !