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    Hi guys, I’m Karen. I love sex. I’m a Nurse and have long blonde hair, big boobs and slim tight body. I love wearing tight bras that show off my boobs and tight little g string that shows you guys exactly what’s on my mind. I spend most my day looking after grubby builders who have cut their fingers off, or managed to nail themselves in the foot, but every so often a hot tradie will rock on in and sometimes we hit it off, if you know what I mean! I’ve crossed the ethical line with one of my patients in the bathroom, behind a curtain and in the med room but what I really enjoy is the touch of a girl. I’ve always had a crush on my friend Jenny. She’s one of those girls who is the perfect combination of funny and sexy. Earlier this year my fantasy came true I’d love to tell you the whole story when we chat, but let me just say this, I can’t believe how much Jenny can make me come with just her tongue! I’ve not been doing the whole phone sex thing for long, but boy wait until you see what I have to offer. See ya soon sweetie <3.

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